Sofia and the Utopia Machine,  Epigram Books 2018. A young girl accidentally creates a new universe in her mother’s government lab in Singapore. Can she get away from the authorities before it’s too late?

An impeccable local fable of authoritarian unimaginativeness”

– Wong Wen Pu, Mackerel

Shortlisted for the Epigram Books Fiction Prize 2017 and the Singapore Book Awards 2019

Buy the ebook here (pays off my advance – I won’t get anything), the physical book here (pays off my advance) if you are not in Singapore for the best shipping, or drop me a line for a signed copy with a little extra swag (I earn the most if you do this – basically SGD$8.00 if I pass on the cost of shipping to you).

Sofia and the Utopia Machine audiobook also available from Storytel, narrated by Bianca Kimble.

Virtual Reality

Marcus and the Shadow is a Virtual Reality artwork commissioned by Perth Institute of Contemporary Art (PICA) in 2022, and follows the story of a young boy who meets his Shadow, a black winged lion that haunts him. He must learn to cope with difficult emotions like grief, sadness and despair in order to learn to ride astride his Shadow. Initially created as a picture book with fountain pen illustrations, the VR presentation creates an immersive environment with soundscapes and interactivity, to portray a message of hope and resilience against the odds. Made with Unity Developer and real-life VR wizard Stacey Fazackerley and with New York composer Sam Torres providing a haunting track ’18’, as well as poetry sung by myself and stunning 360 degree visuals. 

Visual Storytelling/Sequential Art

Chun Xue (Spring Snow) by Hao Ran, Illustrated: Hao Ran was the only fiction writer allowed to publish during China’s Cultural Revolution. Although critics think of him as a propagandist today, this illustration project throws doubt onto this critical consensus through bringing out the nuance and ambiguity in a short story he wrote about a revolutionary young woman and an elderly ‘capitalist roader’ man castrating pigs in a small village. I used traditional Chinese art techniques and iconography, and the art style then bleeds into expressionism and finally abstraction inspired by 1980s Chinese artists like Wu Guanzhong who were influenced in their abstraction by Jackson Pollock and Picasso. The project aims to ask the question of our time: if you were a pig, would you rather be castrated by capitalism or communism? Read/view it here at Asymptote Journal. Art by Judith Huang, Critical Essay by Judith Huang, with Calligraphy by Zhipeng “Nick” Huang.

Virginia Woolf’s To The Lighthouse Illustrated

“One of the most interesting, ambitious and elegant submissions I have ever received. My congratulations; keep painting – ” — James Wood

Since To The Lighthouse is Virginia Woolf‘s “turn of the century” novel, I made a sequence of 37 plates illustrating the novel working through the art styles of the time period (1800s to 1920s), from naturalism to cubism to abstraction. I also included some typographical experiments to present the slideshow as a visual novel. [reformatting for current website]

Short Fiction

Dark Chocolate – in QLRS October 2022 – read here for free

2219: How the Lion Brought Down the City published as part of ArtScience Museum’s 2219: Futures Imagined exhibition – read here for free

Ants in Loreli READ September 2016 – Read here for free


Ambergris in Spittoon Issue 2 – Read here for free

The City in Ayam Curtain ed. JY Yang and Joyce Chng, shortlisted in Best Singaporean Short Stories – buy here

Second Best Friends at Quarterly Literary Review Singapore – Read here for free


Rokujo, Jesus in the Jing and Radio  in Asia Literary Review Issue 32 – Read Rokujo here, Buy here

Caliban in Asian Cha – Read here

Making rounds in Spittoon Issue 1

Swing Past Old Pluto and farewell blue elephant in LONTAR #8 – Buy here

Ants (reprint) and a different story in LONTAR #10 – Buy here

The Apocalypse Museum and the ride home in Bones, Prairie Schooner – Read here for free


How the Stars were Connected by Zhou Wen, about stargate-traveling friends. trans Judith Huang in Future SF Magazine (2022). Read here for free.

Enclosure by Mu Hai, about a virtual reality version of Nanjing after all humans have been uploaded to virtual reality. trans. Judith Huang forthcoming in Rikka Zine (2022) Japan. 

By Those Hands by Mu Min, in which a neuroscience researcher does some unorthodox experiments on a traditional basket weaver in Sichuan. trans. Judith Huang in Clarkesworld Anthology (2022). 

Rat’s Tongue by Xin Fan, where an intrepid courtier looks for an exotic delicacy for a tyranical emperor, trans. Judith Huang in Future SF Magazine (2022). Read here for free.

A Mountain of Dust by Wangxiang Fengnian, a novella about a world where you never die, but just shrink down in size when you don’t have enough to eat, trans Judith Huang in Future SF Magazine (2021). Read here for free.

The Final Test by Ti Sha, about a Turing test set by AI for an AI doing a gaokao to gain citizenship,  trans Judith Huang in Future SF Magazine (2021)

The Woman Carrying a Corpse by Chi Hui, trans Judith Huang, in The Way Spring Arrives, an anthology of Chinese women’s science fiction by publishing, Spring 2022.


Rœsin by Wu Guan, trans Judith Huang, in Future SF Magazine December 2020 East Asia Issue – Read here for free. Also available in the Rosetta Archive in print here.

Shanghai Stories by Xiao Shui, trans Judith Huang, in Asymptote – Read here for free

Stories from the Bohai Sea by Xiao Shui, trans Judith Huang in LA Review of books – Read here for free

Drums, Bells and Nests by Ye Mei, trans Judith Huang, in Spittoon Issue 3 – Buy here

Poems by Yeng Pway Ngon (box set of chapbooks) trans. Judith Huang, Goh Beng Choo and Alvin Pang by Ethos Books.

Translation work for National Library Board of Singapore


In a Singapore full of crazy rich foreigners, inequality is becoming ingrained – South China Morning Post – read here

I’ve written a lot about the intersection of faith, science, art and rationality/mysticism. You can read this stuff in my author page at the Harvard Ichthus here

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