Two months to go and not making my word count…

So the book is slated to drop in May, and I’m right now trying to do the edits my editor wants to the manuscript. It’s honestly kind of overwhelming. Having the deadline hanging over my head is causing me a minor panic as well. However, what has to be done has to be done, and no amount of fretting is going to actually get me over the line the way that sitting down and solidly churning out the word count will. It is moments like this that I need to watch what is probably my favourite video about writing in existence, one which I posted here back in 2013 when I first found it and which I’m reposting again today because it’s just too good to remain buried in the archives:

Yes, Neil Gaiman. I will continue to put one word after the next. I will build that dry stone wall. Even if it isn’t the most beautiful wall, or the most brilliant wall that ever existed in the world, it will still be there and it will still stand. That much I can look forward to. OK, enough of a rant, it’s time to get back to work!


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