11k words written! or, a deadline lights your ass on fire

by David Hayes

So my second draft (as far as Epigram is concerned – as far as I’m concerned this is my fifth draft) of my novel is due on the 26th of March, and I have been going at this thing like a veritable machine. Today I just sat back, printed out everything I’ve written since the start of the month when I got my editorial letter, and counted – I’ve written 11,000 + words since then. So where did all that motivation come from? Fear, partly, that the book won’t be as good as it could be, and vanity, that, since my name is going to be attached to the thing, it be as good as it possibly can. Writing new material is perhaps more enjoyable than wading through old stuff and trying to make it better, and that’s what I’ll be focusing on in the next weeks. But it’s very good to know that I can go at a 1k/day clip if there’s a fire lit below my ass.


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