Happy New Year + Death of a Naturalist

Hi everyone

So Sofia and the Utopia Machine has SOLD OUT COMPLETELY but is on Kindle. And I need some people interested in reviewing it to speak up and spread the news! Second print run is coming out in January sometime.

Which means the first edition is going to be valuable sometime cos this is record time for selling out -1000 copies in less than 6 months! If you see any do buy them, and if you don’t want them sell them back to me. I am serious, this would be a good investment.

Also, I’m now in Australia, as you can tell from Instagram. I’ll be lurking here for a while.

Love you guys, and also, I’m working on By the Nose, partly on Discord. If you want an invite, just drop me a note for my Metaserver. I’m working on building that as well as NIT, the university server. Keep you posted! I am also starting some other new media projects like modeling, country reports and perhaps even a podcast. And I have been deejaying in my room, check out my soundcloud at https://soundcloud.com/user-62215966-320910073

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