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Her first novel, Sofia and the Utopia Machine (Epigram Books, 2018) about a young girl who accidentally creates a new universe in her mother’s government lab and then has to go on the run, was shortlisted for the Epigram Book Fiction Prize 2017 and the Singapore Book Awards 2019. She was named a Foyle Young Poet of the Year by the UK Poetry Society three times, in 2001, 2003 and 2004, and still considers poetry her first love. She has always been interested in making aesthetic experiences that appeal to and use all our senses, whether visual, audio, tactile or smell/taste, and is currently upgrading herself so she can work in computer games, AR and/or VR. (In other words, she wants to build a Utopia Machine). You can read more about her 1999 attempt to do such a thing here.

As a literary translator, she translated the collected poetry of Cultural Medallion-winning Chinese language poet Yeng Pway Ngon (Singapore) into English, as well as the poetry of Xiao Shui (China), which can be found in Asymptote Journal, Spittoon Magazine and the LA Review of Books.

As a SFF genre translator, she has translated the work of Speculative Fiction writers writing in Chinese such as Wu Guan, Chi Hui and Ti Sha. Her work in this field has appeared in Future SF magazine and an upcoming Tor.com anthology. She has also translated for the Singapore National Library Board,  China Daily (Hong Kong) and LoReLi.

She has published original creative, op-ed or journalistic work in Prairie Schooner, Asia Literary Review, China Daily, The Straits Times, The South China Morning Post, Lianhe Zaobao, QLRS and Cha.

As a teenager, she was one of the first people to sell anything online in Singapore and possibly globally, starting Rachel and Judith, a handmade jewellery webstore, with her friend Rachel Wong in 2003 and had the strange experience of having to ask a friend’s mother for their credit card number in order to be one of the first to sign up for Paypal as a vendor. 

As an arts collective organiser, she is a founding member of the Spittoon Arts/Music/Visual Art/Poetry/Fiction Collective and print magazine/wechat channels in China, which now has branches in Beijing, Shanghai, Xi’an, Chengdu, Dali, Tucson (AZ, USA) and Gothenburg. In 2003, she started the longest-running performance poetry competition in Singapore, YAWP! (Young Adult Writers Perform), which is still running today. In 2017 she started a science fiction reading/discussion group in Singapore, inspired by the Beijing Bookworm reading group which still meets in her absence. She also helped start and currently moderates the Weird Studies Podcast Discord, and is a moderator for the Dream Foundry Discord server and is working on starting a FlyingSpittoon on Clubhouse.

She currently sits on the committee of the Perth Artifactory, a hackerspace/makerspace which was founded a decade ago. She teaches creative writing with Liuyin Xueyuan in Beijing and Singlit Station in Singapore, and previously taught creative and academic writing at the Harvard College Writer’s Center and the Yale-NUS Writer’s Centre. She is currently based between Singapore and Australia and counts knitting, bunny tending and learning Arduino as her hobbies.

Instagram: @judtheobscure

Twitter : @trueboat          

Email: contact AT judithhuang.com



  • Vermont College of Fine Arts, International MFA in Creative Writing and Translation (currently attending)
  • Harvard College, A.B. cum laude in English and American Literature and Language, Cambridge, Massachusetts.
    Loke Cheng Kim Foundation Scholarship (Singapore)
    Harvard College Scholar 2005/06
  • Hwa Chong Junior College, Humanities Scholarship Program, Singapore.
  • Raffles Girls’ School (Secondary), Singapore

Awards, Grants & Fellowships

  • Singapore Book Award Shortlist (Singapore ) 2019
  • Epigram Books Fiction Prize Shortlist (Singapore) 2017
  • Asian Cha “Encountering Poetry” Contest Top 20 Long List (Hong Kong) 2012
  • LeBaron Russell Briggs Traveling Prize (USA) 2010
  • Sydney M. Williams Grant for the Visual Arts (USA) 2008
  • Alexander Booth Foundation Traveling Fellowship (USA) 2008
  • Signet Society of Arts and Letters (USA) 2007
  • Alice Mary Longfellow Fellowship (USA) 2006
  • Harvard College Research Project Grant (USA) 2005
  • F. Stanton Deland, Jr Endowment for Undergraduate Research Grant (USA) 2005/6
  • Foyle Young Poet of the Year (UK) 2004
  • Foyle Young Poet of the Year (UK) 2003
  • Simon Elvin Young Poet of the Year (UK) 2001
  • National Arts Council-Rotary Club Arts Grant (Singapore) 2005
  • Creative Arts Program Mentorship (Singapore) 2000, 2003
  • Singapore Youth Festival Silver Medal for original play, 2002

Selected Publications – Creative/Journalistic

  • Future SF Magazine
  • Prairie Schooner
  • Asian Cha
  • Asia Literary Review
  • Asymptote
  • Spittoon Literary Magazine
  • Quarterly Literary Review Singapore
  • China Daily
  • Lianhe Zaobao
  • Loreli
  • The Harvard Advocate
  • The Harvard Ichthus
  • VOX
  • Stylus Poetry Journal
  • Softblow Poetry Journal
  • Asymptote Journal
  • South China Morning Post

Selected Anthologies

  • Tor.com anthology of Chinese women and non-binary Science fiction, “The Way Spring Arrives” Expected 2021.
  • In Transit. Mathpaperpress. Singapore. 2016
  • Body Boundaries. The Literary Centre. Singapore. 2014
  • Ayam Curtain. Mathpaperpress. Singapore. 2012
  • Bringing it to Life. Pocket Poetry 2012. What if group, UK. 2012
  • Journeys. Sampad, Birmingham, UK. 2010
  • Creative Arts Program Alumni Anthology. Singapore. 2009.
  • Foyle Young Poets of the Year: 10th Anniversary Anthology. Ed. Andrew Bailey, George Ttoouli. The Poetry Society, London, UK. 2007.
  • from This tree. CAP Alumni Publication, Singapore. 2005.
  • but, ed. Cyril Wong. Singapore. 2005.

Selected Publications – Academic

  • Yeng Pway Ngon Poems: Personal Notes, Self-Exile, Resurgence, Other Thoughts. co-translated with Goh Beng Choo. 2012.
  • Judith Huang. 2009. A Little Bit of Immortality: The Mysterious Redemption of Karamazov. The Harvard Ichthus 5.2 – Winter 2009. Download ichthus5.21ichthus5.21
  • Total Vision: Remedios Varo as Woman Artist and Heir to Surrealism, Expose 2005-6, pp. 64-71. Download HERE
  • Choy Keen Meng, Judith Huang, 2004, Economic Forecasting in Singapore, HSSRP 2003-2004, pp. 8-18.

Readings & Exhibitions

  • Navy Club Fremantle Open Mike (Western Australia) 2020.
  • Spoke & Bird Reading Series (Singapore) 2018.
  • Destination: INK Reading Series. (Singapore) 2017.
  • Spittoon Fiction Reading Series. (Beijing) 2015-2016.
  • Spittoon Poetry Reading Series Featured Poet. (Beijing) 2014-2016.
  • Etiquette + AWARE: Sugar & Spice Reading, The Pigeonhole (Singapore). 2012
  • City of Stirling Art Exhibition (Australia). 2010
  • Passion People: New Radio 93.8 Radio Interview (Singapore). 2005
  • Tuesday Magazine Arts First “Art in Progress” Exhibition (Boston). 2005/6
  • Harvard Advocate Reading Series (Boston)
  • Subtext Literary Reading at The Book Café (Singapore). 2004
  • National University of Singapore Centre for the Arts: Dome Literary Reading (Singapore). 2004
  • Foyle Young Poets Alumni Reading, Cambridge University (UK). 2005
  • Gamut Reading Series (Cambridge, Massachusetts)


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