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My debut novel, Sofia & the Utopia Machine, is about a young girl who accidentally creates a new universe in her mother’s Biopolis lab. It’s set in a futuristic Singapore , and she has to go on the run, taking her from the floating Canopies above the island and into the dank Voids and all the way to Pulau Ubin!

“A bold and fantastical work that posits a new cosmology within which a science-fiction vision of Singapore is rendered in dystopian terms, even as its characters strive ironically for an idealised future. It’s a work that would sit perfectly on any Young Adult speculative fiction shelf with its fast-paced and childlike sense of adventure.” — Cyril Wong

“What she allows to bloom in these pages is that sense of wonder so lacking in our prosaic, pragmatic lives. It is something worth holding on to, as we ponder how best we can, through our choices, make space for others in our society.” – Olivia Ho, Straits Times (full review:…)

“An impeccable local fable of authoritarian unimaginativeness….If indeed the beginning was the Word, the prime mover of this novel is a skillful wordsmith. Here, the prose bounds as its fauna bounds; it is fleet as its winged creatures; it is rich and deep and confident and aspirational. Huang’s writing at its most inspired, as we have here, is magisterial.” – Wong Wen Pu, Mackerel (full review:…)

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Order your copy here, or drop me an email and I can process your order for a signed book.

It is also available as a ebook from, here.

For those of you who prefer Audiobooks, Storytel has produced an audiobook version, available here.

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